Stoke recruitment company doubles workforce in six months

Stoke recruitment company doubles workforce in six months

Recruitment agencies are the middlemen between the employee and the employer. In places where one of these two elements is in a greater number, it could further cause disruptions which would need to be tended by the recruitment agency’s employees. This was one of the main reasons why a stoke recruitment company doubles workforce in six months. The Brampton Recruitment company was relocated a short distance away at Berkeley Court, Newcastle, after signing a five-year lease on the on the place.

One of the employees at the recruiter training‌ ‌ firm said that it saddens the employees to leave their workplace where they have thrived since the year 2006. Even though the place was sufficient in the beginning, as the company grew successfully and had to divide the work among more people, they had no other choice but to look for a larger workspace. Since Berkeley Court is not that far away from the old workplace, the employees feel content being in the same locality and good so far.

The new office includes two well-equipped interview rooms, which sometimes the clients ask to conduct meetings in. Along with that, the reception area is better and there is also a kitchen with all the facilities.

The best and most fun part about running a business is watching it grow. This is only possible if a business is successful in satisfying its employees. Director Claire Leigh truly believes that this is the reason for the company’s success as her and her employees have been working hard to keep their reputation intact.

With this fresh wind of confidence, Claire is ambitious that she will be able to grow her workforce, even more, adding new recruits to the accounts and finance departments. Being able to envision what kind of future lies ahead for a business can be best done by the person managing it.

One of the reasons she predicts the future success of her business she says is because of the reputation they have built and managed to retain over the years. Word of mouth plays a very important in the corporate world. Also, while catering to their new clients, the company did not stop paying attention to their previous customers. This, as a business, helps maintain steadiness and consistency so far.

With the addition of the new employees, the company’s total workforce has gone up to 12 members. These new members have helped the company run their operation even more efficiently. One way the company manages to interact with clients who are not available is by conducting meetings on Skype.

Skype, and technology in general, have helped such businesses flourish. Over the next six months the company is going to improve upon their existing capabilities and focus on staff training and efficiency and towards the end of the year, if everything goes according to plan, the company will begin working on their accounts and finance department. Brampton Recruitment specializes in temporary as well as permanent recruitment mostly for the commercial, accounting, and financial sectors.